Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wednsday Night Dinner and the rest of the week

My brother Karl and his wife Robyn have been coming to Gulf shores every year for the last 4 years. The first year Karl did a 5 course meal. Every year he has added an additional course. This year was an 8 course meal. The food was WONDERFUL and we were all stuffed at the end. He did an amazing job. He should start doing special dinners for events.

Karl getting things ready:

A shot of those who were eating the dinner:

Here is some picture of each course:
Hor devours:
Grapes,Crackers, and Cheeses

First Course:
Grand Marnier Shrimp

Second Course:
Vichyssoise Soup- a potato soup that I even liked!!!

Third Course:
Spring Salad with Bourbon Vinaigrette and roasted pecans

Fourth Course:
Stuffed Mushroom

Fifth Course:
Red Snapper Tart with Dill Sauce

Sixth Course:
Pineapple Sorbet spiked with Vodka

Seventh Course: The Main Course
Garlic Peppered Beef Tenderloin with a Burgundy reduction sauce, white asparagus, and glorified sweet potatoes

Eight Course:
Key Lime Pie and Double Layer Chocolate Cake

Here are some pictures from the inside of the condo. It wasn't the nicest in the building but it was perfect for us. If anyone is interested, the condo is for sale for $575,000! It is 3 bedrooms and 2 bathroom. Karl, Robyn, and Ross stayed in the master bedroom with the king bed. Ken and I stayed in the bedroom with the queen bed and Robyn's' mom and grandmother stayed in room with the twin beds.

On Thursday, a group of us went shell hunting at a really neat place. There is a nice sandbar where really good shells show up. The bay flows out and the ocean hits that current. One step is the warm bay water and the next step is cold ocean water. We found some really cool shell and crabs. I did some snorkeling and found a couple good shell and snails too. We floated on the rafts some. Ken and Laura did some boogie boarding too. We had lots of fun.

Thursday night we ate dinner at Dick and Paula's RV. Sean and Ken played Wii and the rest of us played Rummikub. I didn't win :(. One good thing is that my Hand and Foot losing streak is over. My partner and I have won every game this week!!

Other random Pictures:

Ken went crab hunting one night after dark. Here is a couple that he found.