Sunday, October 28, 2012

Loving the weather!

It is finally cooler! It really has gone from HOT to cold in just a matter of days and that makes me and the boys allergies go crazy. But we are not letting that slow us down..lots of benadryl and cough medicine to help us through. We took the boys to a pumpkin patch last weekend and they had so much fun. It was the first time we ever got to take them because it seems like the previous years we someone was sick and/or in the hospital. We did the hay ride twice, looked for pumpkins, played in the corn pit, ran the hay maze, walked through the sunflower maze, petted the animals (I loved the pigs),and climbed the mountain of hay. The boys were worn out and were asleep not even 5 minutes down the road.

Enjoying the hayride

Luke thinking about picking up the pumpkin
Corn Pit
Luke in hay maze
Which way do we go mommy?
Luke carrying his pumpkin
Jack picking his pumpkin

Helping daddy wheel them in

Climbing hay mountain

Sleeping boys

 This weekend we had a marriage class in the morning. The boys enjoyed the attention of the child care workers and got to play outside with just a couple other kids. Later that evening we took the boys to go the lake in town where the city was having "Boo-lloon Festival". There were a couple booths giving away candy, a jump house, and hot air balloons. The boys loved them and didn't want to leave even though it was freezing!

On Thursday night Ken and I got enjoy dinner at a fund raiser for the March of Dimes. The boys were in their gallery of premature kids and it was nice to dress up and not have kids hanging all over you! Thanks mom for watching them! The March of Dimes is very active at the hospital I work at and our friends were the ambassador family that night. We love them so much. Many of you know their story since we have talked about them on the the blog before and here is a video about their story that was made for the fund raiser.

 Jodie and Me
 The boys picture. We were worried the photographer didn't get a good picture of them since they were ALL over the place.
 Couple of Coworkers and Me
The family!