Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Royal Night Out

It has been a VERY busy week and the craziness will continue until Friday is over. The job I have started helping Community Connections has its busiest time of the year in November. Friday night is A Royal Night Out, our biggest event of the year. I have been contacting media this last month, making sure that information about the event is sent to newspapers, magazines, radio & TV stations, websites and local events calendars throughout central Arkansas. Now I'm working on the printed materials needed for the event and next will be the pictures and music needed for the evening. Anyone local is encouraged to come out and support kids with special needs!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Boys photo shoot

Luke had an appointment last week at the hospital to see the pulmonary clinic. He continues to gain weight and the doctor was pleased with his growth curve. For the last few months, Luke's growth has plateaued and the newborn clinic (which Luke would visit every month) was really out of ideas - his formula is 35 calories per ounce and we are feeding him everything he will take. Now, Luke's curve is back and the pulmonary doctor feels he is doing well enough to discontinue oxygen during the day! He is still acting much happier and seems more energetic. We will just use the oxygen at night and Luke will go back in a month.

Saturday we took the boys to have pictures taken. They slept on the way and were still a little sleepy, but they did well! To view all of the pictures click here. Here are a few:

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Back home

Had a great trip and just got home. I knew Rachel and Mom had projects they were working on while I was away, and here is what I found on the dining room wall leading into the living room:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More pictures from my trip

Great day having fun and getting to know some other Arkansans better. They will be serving for the next year at Our House, a "working" homeless shelter in Little Rock. Don't know much about what they do, but we may be able to help each other out in the coming year.
Here are some pictures from today:

Sandia Mountains in the distance

We took the bus tonight to head out and see what we could find

The scenery and surroundings reminded us a lot of the movie Cars

Passed these on our walk to dinner

We skipped the hotel dinner again - had to find some real authentic New Mexican food before heading home

Dinner was great! My enchiladas were topped with VERY spicy red chili sauce, but everything was very good. Half a day to wrap things up, then we will head to the airport and be home tomorrow night!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Update from New Mexico

The boys are doing well. Luke goes to the pulmonary clinic at the hospital tomorrow for a follow-up from his 9-day hospital stay. The boys are also going to the doctor in the afternoon for the first half of their one-year shots.

My mom flew in for the week to help Rachel with the boys while I am gone. All I know is that there are some super-secret projects going on at home and I am in for a surprise when I get back Thursday night...

I am in Albuquerque, NM for some orientation/training for my job this next year. The job is helping provide free extracurricular actiities for special-needs kids through Community Connections of Arkansas. Technically the job is a one-year volunteer position through the federal government's Americorp VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America) program. Over 150 volunteers from the southwest region of the country have gathered for a pre-service orientation.

I am working with three great women - Jodie McGinley, Kelly Coffman and Jamie Tyler. We are having a good time, but miss our families and are ready to be back home. It really is nice to lose my responsibilities with the boys for a few days, but it would be much more fun if Rachel were here.

One block from our hotel is "Uptown Albuquerque" with a great view of the Sandia mountains

We passed a patch of cactus along the sidewalk on our walk to Starbucks

We found a cool custom cookie shop that had all kinds of interesting creations

New Mexico is known for their annual hot air balloon festival - there is lots of balloon stuff around

Tonight we decided to skip dinner at the hotel and headed to a Japanese steakhouse

Jodie, Kelly and Jamie

Stopped in the Apple store to check out the new iPods and MacBook Airs