Friday, December 24, 2010

Tomorrow is Christmas! It's practically here!

The Grinch made a visit to our house this week. It started on Sunday when Rachel woke up with a bad cold. Monday Luke got the stomach bug and spent the next two days throwing up everywhere on everything. Jack was only bad on Tuesday, and I had it all day on Wednesday. Laundry has been going constantly (I'll spare all the details) and it's been a very hard week. It takes all I have to keep up with the boys during normal times when they're healthy - things are so much worse when they're sick...

The good news is we're all almost better. The boys have been extra tired, extra cranky and extra cuddly all week, but they're eating better now and starting to get back to normal. Jack just woke up, so my time is running out. Here are some pictures and videos:

Jack playing with Luke's oxygen tubing

Luke getting into the Christmas spirit

Jack just wanted to get it off his head...

But soon he forgot about it and was off to start some trouble

He pulls up on Luke's oxygen machine and will turn the knobs and adjust the settings

On Wednesday, both boys were so tired they fell asleep while playing

And now two videos:

Jack trying to lick the Christmas tree

Jack wants presents

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Christmas Gift To You

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas

It is great to be excited about Christmas again. Last year we pretty much skipped Christmas - it was not a happy time. Jack had been home just over a month, but Luke was still in the hospital. Flu season was in full swing, the hospital had extra precautions because of swine flu, and Jack was not allowed to see Luke in the hospital. We took him up anyway and had a plan to quickly get them together, but it did not work. All we wanted was one family picture of our first Christmas. The boys didn't have to touch or be close at all - we just wanted one picture with the four of us... We didn't do much celebrating last year and didn't decorate at all - no tree, no lights, nothing.

This Christmas season has been so much better. The boys are into everything, crawling and climbing everywhere and screaming a lot, but at least they are both home and we can celebrate our first Christmas together as a family. We have been listening to some Christmas music and watching a lot of the Grinch and Christmas Carol movies (Muppets Christmas Carol, Flinstones Christmas Carol and Mickey's Christmas Carol). Our Christmas tree is surrounded by a metal baby gate to keep boys and dog from attacking the tree or snooping around the presents.

Jack checking out the presents under the tree

Trying to figure out how to get in there

Jack is getting more teeth and is very grumpy most afternoons. He rarely stays still or wants to cuddle, but sometimes he will now

Two crazy boys playing around after their baths today

Here are a few videos:

Luke dancing while listening to Taylor Swift. We were watching the live music from the 2010 NFL Kickoff season-opening game in New Orleans, and the boys liked it!

Jack and Lily playing on the floor

Luke playing with Lily's toy

Jack and Luke playing with Lily. Luke is not very excited and just wants to chew on his oxygen tubing...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Update on Luke and the past month

It's been a very busy, long and tiring past few weeks and almost a month since the last update. Community Connections' A Royal Night Out was a huge success - the second annual event almost doubled in size and doubled the money raised! The day after that, we flew to Charlotte to spend the week of Thanksgiving with family in South Carolina. The boys traveled well and we had a great time - it just took them a few days to get back into their normal routine once we were back home.

Last week Jack and Luke had the second half of their one-year shots. Luke did well and only cried until the shots were done. Jack's leg must have been asleep, because all he did was stare at the nurse with a serious face - no crying, not even a frown... In the past two weeks, Luke has had three appointments at the hospital. The first was at the audiology clinic to retest his hearing. He failed one test before coming home in January (not uncommon for babies on a lot of oxygen like he was) and this appointment has been set since the spring. Luke did fine and they just want to see him in another year to check one more time.

Tuesday Luke went to the pulmonary clinic for a 1-month followup. After his hospitalization in October, Luke was on oxygen all day and night. Last month the pulmonary clinic had us discontinue daytime oxygen and only use it at night. Luke has continued to grow slowly but steadily until now. He lost weight this past month - dropped from 5.8kg to 5.6kg. Luke is now back on oxygen all the time and we expect it to continue at least through the winter.

Since February, Luke has had monthly visits to the high-risk newborn clinic at the hospital. They have kept a close watch on his growth and development, but the doctors have been very conservative and at times slow to act when we have brought up concerns. During Luke's hospitalization in October, the pulmonary team let us know about the Medical Home Clinic at the hospital. It is a place for kids with chronic medical conditions that need the services of multiple clinics at the hospital (Luke has seen newborn, eye, audiology, radiology, and pulmonary clinics and has had two hospitalizations since being home). They will help coordinate multiple appointments by making sure they are scheduled the same day. It should be a big help and will let us squeeze things into one day instead of making three visits like we have these last two weeks.

Yesterday was Luke's first visit to the medical home clinic. Rachel was working but was able to leave her unit and be with us for most of the visit. The doctor and nurse were great and will be very proactive with his care plan. While we are excited about the change, it was not a good day. We have known since the spring that if Luke does not gain enough weight consistently, the last resort is a feeding tube.

All year long, the newborn clinic has tweaked his "recipe" and increased the calories of his formula each month. They were concerned about his slow growth curve, but his growth has been proportionate (weight, length and head circumference) - that is no longer the case. If babies are not getting enough calories, slower head growth is the first sign, followed by slowed development. Yesterday's measurements showed that Luke's head growth is no longer following his length and weight.

Luke is eating all that he can/will right now, but the doctor thinks it is only about 60-70% of the calories he needs. Babies need to gain about 20 grams per day for normal growth and Luke's best average has only been around 7 grams. The doctor is giving him one more chance until the next appointment - we are adding more calories to his formula and Luke is also starting Reglan. We do not have a date for his next visit, but it should be in 4-6 weeks.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Royal Night Out

It has been a VERY busy week and the craziness will continue until Friday is over. The job I have started helping Community Connections has its busiest time of the year in November. Friday night is A Royal Night Out, our biggest event of the year. I have been contacting media this last month, making sure that information about the event is sent to newspapers, magazines, radio & TV stations, websites and local events calendars throughout central Arkansas. Now I'm working on the printed materials needed for the event and next will be the pictures and music needed for the evening. Anyone local is encouraged to come out and support kids with special needs!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Boys photo shoot

Luke had an appointment last week at the hospital to see the pulmonary clinic. He continues to gain weight and the doctor was pleased with his growth curve. For the last few months, Luke's growth has plateaued and the newborn clinic (which Luke would visit every month) was really out of ideas - his formula is 35 calories per ounce and we are feeding him everything he will take. Now, Luke's curve is back and the pulmonary doctor feels he is doing well enough to discontinue oxygen during the day! He is still acting much happier and seems more energetic. We will just use the oxygen at night and Luke will go back in a month.

Saturday we took the boys to have pictures taken. They slept on the way and were still a little sleepy, but they did well! To view all of the pictures click here. Here are a few:

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Back home

Had a great trip and just got home. I knew Rachel and Mom had projects they were working on while I was away, and here is what I found on the dining room wall leading into the living room:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More pictures from my trip

Great day having fun and getting to know some other Arkansans better. They will be serving for the next year at Our House, a "working" homeless shelter in Little Rock. Don't know much about what they do, but we may be able to help each other out in the coming year.
Here are some pictures from today:

Sandia Mountains in the distance

We took the bus tonight to head out and see what we could find

The scenery and surroundings reminded us a lot of the movie Cars

Passed these on our walk to dinner

We skipped the hotel dinner again - had to find some real authentic New Mexican food before heading home

Dinner was great! My enchiladas were topped with VERY spicy red chili sauce, but everything was very good. Half a day to wrap things up, then we will head to the airport and be home tomorrow night!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Update from New Mexico

The boys are doing well. Luke goes to the pulmonary clinic at the hospital tomorrow for a follow-up from his 9-day hospital stay. The boys are also going to the doctor in the afternoon for the first half of their one-year shots.

My mom flew in for the week to help Rachel with the boys while I am gone. All I know is that there are some super-secret projects going on at home and I am in for a surprise when I get back Thursday night...

I am in Albuquerque, NM for some orientation/training for my job this next year. The job is helping provide free extracurricular actiities for special-needs kids through Community Connections of Arkansas. Technically the job is a one-year volunteer position through the federal government's Americorp VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America) program. Over 150 volunteers from the southwest region of the country have gathered for a pre-service orientation.

I am working with three great women - Jodie McGinley, Kelly Coffman and Jamie Tyler. We are having a good time, but miss our families and are ready to be back home. It really is nice to lose my responsibilities with the boys for a few days, but it would be much more fun if Rachel were here.

One block from our hotel is "Uptown Albuquerque" with a great view of the Sandia mountains

We passed a patch of cactus along the sidewalk on our walk to Starbucks

We found a cool custom cookie shop that had all kinds of interesting creations

New Mexico is known for their annual hot air balloon festival - there is lots of balloon stuff around

Tonight we decided to skip dinner at the hotel and headed to a Japanese steakhouse

Jodie, Kelly and Jamie

Stopped in the Apple store to check out the new iPods and MacBook Airs

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jack's day

Jack did extremely well today. He was VERY cranky before the surgery because he was hungry and tired. Jack and I had to be at the hospital at 6:30 for an 8:30 surgery. He was good for the first hour but he cried off and on for the second hour. His normal schedule is to eat around 5:30/6:30 and then go back to sleep until around 8 so he didn't get to eat and he refused to close his eyes. The nurses took him to the OR around 8:15, they started surgery around 8:45 and I was back in recovery with him at 9:20. He was MAD when he woke up but promptly took 7 ounces of formula and was a happy boy. The anesthesiologist did a caudal block on him which is supposed to keep him numb for about 6 hours. It helps keep the need for narcotic pain meds low and usually Tylenol and Motrin controls their pain. Jack rested for about 45 more minutes and we were able to come home! Jack and I came home and took a 2 hour nap together and he has been a happy boy all day. He has been a little extra cuddly but that is fine with us. He has been standing and crawling with out any problems. Luke had a plastibell circumcision but they had to do a regular with Jack. It is a little more painful than the plasibell and it is more swollen and red. Hopefully Jack will be in the same good mood tomorrow and just need some Tylenol and Motrin. Thanks for the prayers. Will post a picture or two of Jack from my iphone in the next post.----R

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another (scheduled) day at the hospital

Arkansas Children's Hospital really is our second home. It's a good thing Rachel works there and we are both very familiar and comfortable with the place. Tomorrow morning Jack will have a quick visit with Dr. Jackson before he is put to sleep and gets circumcised. Keep Jack in your prayers tomorrow - the surgery is scheduled for 8:30am. We hope he does as well as Luke did (happy and back to his normal self the same afternoon).

Luke is still doing great at home. He's very happy, eating just as good or better than before, and seems a little more energetic. Maybe he has needed some extra oxygen for a while and we just didn't know it... He will have fun tomorrow morning when he has the house to himself and no competition for whatever he wants to play with.

We will post updates and let you know how Jack does tomorrow.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Great being back home

It's great to be back home with Luke. He and Jack are happy to be back together. I think both boys have been worn out this past week - both napped very well yesterday and they are sleeping in this morning. Luke is doing well with his oxygen and seems a little more energetic than usual. He may have needed the extra oxygen for a while, and because of that we are switching to another clinic at Children's Hospital that Luke will see monthly. Now that he is a year old, he has outgrown the high-risk newborn clinic and the new clinic works closely with other departments (pulmonary, cardiology) and can keep a closer watch on his development.

Luke has a pulmonary appointment the first week in November and will stay on oxygen at least until then. It doesn't seem to bother him while he plays and crawls around all day. He enjoys grabbing the tubing and chewing on it, and Jack will play with it sometimes too. It will be a long weekend of trying to clean and get caught up with everything - being at the hospital unexpectedly for nine days leaves a lot to be done...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Out the door!!

Luke is on the way home! Ken is glad to be going home and to be able to sleep in his own bed. I am glad my whole family is under the same roof again. I will sleep better tonight.

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Hoping to be home tomorrow

Luke is still doing well. It's been a busy morning and here is the latest:

His oxygen is down to 1.5 liters and will continue weaning, trying for one-half liter by tomorrow.

Feedings are still going well. The pulmonary team is fine with using oxygen at home for just a few weeks until Luke is fully back to normal.

We should also be getting an updraft machine and will keep that and the oxygen at home throughout the winter. That way, if he starts getting sick again, we are prepared to treat him quickly at home (and hopefully avoid another long hospital stay like this).

I've talked to nutrition about his feeding plan and this afternoon we are receiving the oxygen equipment and being trained (it's different than what we had at home before).

Luke is playing a lot - really getting tired of the hospital and ready to be home with Jack.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Moving on up....

Good busy day. Luke got his feeding tube out today and has been eating good all day. We stayed on 2 liters of oxygen because the doctors did not want the nurses to go down on it until cardiology made their recommendations. Luke got transfered to 5E bed 5!! If Luke behaves then he may come home on Friday or Saturday. The cardiology team recommended that Luke goes home on oxygen for a couple weeks and then we can wean him off. We will then go back for a follow up and get another EKG/ echocardiogram. They also want Luke to be on semi-isolation for his protection. They call it protective isolation. It means no going places that he could catch something from someone else. It is going to be another long winter of not going many places! I am going back to work tomorrow and working until Saturday. We will update when we have some more news. Thanks for all the prayers and everyone who has brought us dinner! It makes life a lot easier.

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Pictures of Luke eating

Luke just ate well! His feeding tube is out and he did great job with the bottle. Here is the proof:

Things are looking better

Yesterday was a good day for Luke. His nasal cannula (oxygen tubing) was changed from the high-flow bigger size to a normal-sized, smaller one. His oxygen is staying at 2 liters and he was able to drink a bottle yesterday.

Still waiting to see the residents and doctors, but we expect to move out of the intermediate care unit sometime today. Luke should lose his IV and feeding tube today an continue bottle feeding.

I won't post much more because a lot may change after talking to the doctors, but it looks like Luke should be home by the end of the week. The pulmonary team is thinking that his pulmonary hypertension (which he had after birth before coming home) has been back for some time and his lungs have been overworked for a while. We will most likely have oxygen at home again for a few months. Still lots of questions and we hope to get some answers today.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New team

The pulmonary team has officially taken Luke as their patient. He previously was on a general pediatric team. They still want him on 100% oxygen but we can wean his flow down. His nurse today just changed him to a regular nasal cannula an he is on 1 1/2 liters of oxygen!! When I came in today he was just playing away so I know he is feeling better. His pneumothorax is about the same today so we will still wait and see if anything else needs to be done. The echo-cardiogram has already been done and we are waiting to hear the results of that. The test for the cystic fibrosis will be in a couple days as he has to be off some of his medicines before they can do it. My dad (Dennis) was here when the attending came in and asked him about the CF test. The attending said that we shouldn't worry because he likes to test ALL children that are one and under that have come in with severe resp distress. So it is more of a rule out than a suspicion. It eases my mind a little but it still worries me. They may transfer Luke to a regular floor today or tomorrow which would be a step in the right direction! Keep praying as we know from many experiences that prayer works!--------R

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Quick update on Luke

I am home for a couple of hours and Rachel is with Luke for the afternoon. Here's a quick update as of two hours ago - I'll post more tonight or in the morning. Yesterday the pulmonary team made some changes to Luke's oxygen. They increased the percentage up to 100% (from around 30%), but started to decrease the amount of flow. We started yesterday at 8 liters and now we are down to 2.5 liters. Keeping the percentage high should help with the collapsed area in his lungs, but once he gets below 2 liters and can tolerate it, we hope to start feeding him bottles.

When I left, his chest x-ray from this morning had not been seen by the doctor yet. They will compare it to yesterdays' and see how the collapsed area is doing. We may be moving back up to the 5th floor this evening - the doctors mentioned it this morning, but I was not ready just yet. His condition right now is stable enough that unless something develops this afternoon, I'm comfortable with moving him.

This morning Luke had an echo-cardiogram, but no results yet from that or yesterday's EKG. The "salt test" (for cystic fibrosis) will not be done today. We're told there is a strict criteria that must be met for the test to be accurate (oxygen levels, medications, etc.) and he may not be ready for it until just before discharge.

I'll try to get a little rest before heading back to see Luke and relieve Rachel for the night. I'm picking Jack up and will take him to the hospital with me for a quick visit. Thanks so much for the continued prayers, emails and notes of encouragement.

Tests and more tests for Luke

Luke has been stable since his increase in oxygen yesterday morning. He pulled out his feeding tube in the morning and got a new one. They do x-rays to confirm that the tube is placed correctly, and this x-ray showed a small area of pneumothorax (collapsed lung). We were told it is hard to see, so it could have been there since Luke has been here or it could have developed from the high-flow oxygen he has been receiving. That may explain why he has had a hard time weaning off his oxygen.

We had a visit from the pulmonary team and they asked lots of questions, trying to rule things out and determine the best course of action. Luke had an EKG yesterday and today will have an echocardiogram and be tested for cystic fibrosis. I've heard of CF before, but spent the night learning more about it - terrified if that's what Luke has, but can't wait to have the test done and get the result.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Luke is off isolation!

Since Luke was admitted Wednesday morning, he has been on isolation. Since he came in with respiratory distress, drainage and chest congestion, the doctors, nurses and respiratory team have been wearing gowns, masks and gloves anytime they enter the room. The last of the cultures came back negative on Saturday, but the weekend doctors like to just maintain things and not make many changes.

We were told that Infectious Control will usually leave a patient on isolation until all symptoms are clear. This morning our unit leader called to request that Luke be cleared, and we were just told that he is offically off isolation!

Luke seems to really like the hospital and not care about going home anytime soon. Since early this morning, his oxygen has been increased from 5 to 8 liters. He was just not getting enough oxygen when sleeping. They are starting to wean him down again today and right now we are at 7 liters.

He will have an ENT bedside consult to rule out any physical airway abnormalities. Our hope is that ENT will say he is normal, his oxygen can be weaned quickly, and that he will make it through the night without any setbacks.

Rachel is going back to work either Wednesday-Friday or Thursday-Saturday. We have arrangements for Jack the rest of the week and Rachel's dad is having rotator cuff surgery on Friday. It will be a long and busy rest of the week - hoping that we can get enough rest and stay healthy ourselves.

Luke needs prayers

Luke had a good day yesterday. He seemed to be feeling much better, did not want to nap much, and played with his toys for part of the afternoon. His breathing treatments are down to every six hours now, and before bed his oxygen was weaned from 6 liters down to 5.

He is still getting a slow, continuous feed through his tube - his oxygen needs to be down to 2 liters before he can begin trying bottle feeding.

Luke does not like 3am. The first night after he was admitted (Wednesday night/Thursday morning), he was working so hard to breathe and really looked bad. The respiratory therapist called the ICU doctor and resident on call to look at him and Luke was one step away from moving to intensive care and getting a breathing tube.

Luke finished a breathing treatment about an hour ago, but now is oxygen level is down to 92-94%. Normal is close to 100% and right now his orders are to be 94 or above. His oxygen has been increased from 5 liters to 6, but it has been an hour and his numbers are not getting any better.

We really need your prayers now. It's been exhausting and stressful enough already, and any setbacks just further delay bottle feeding and decrease his chances of being home in the next couple of days.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday morning update

I spent the night in my own bed last night! Rachel wanted to give me the night off, so I'll be with Luke most of the day (and hopefully get him to watch some football). Rachel said his oxygen is down to 5 liters, so maybe by tomorrow he will be low enough to try bottles. His feeding tube had to be replaced last night, but as far as I know he hasn't had any problems with the new one.

Here are some more pictures of Jack's fun the last two days:

Ryleigh playing with Jack

Ryleigh and Rowan both wanted to feed Jack, so he had lots of food to choose from

Two more of Jack and Walker:

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jack is having fun

Thanks to everyone who has been helping watch Jack this week. Wednesday and Thursday he spent the day with Mimi and Pop Pop. Yesterday Samantha Ray had him for the day and her girls Ryleigh and Rowan had a great time playing with him (sorry - no pictures because the hospital blocks Facebook).

Today Jodie McGinley has Jack and he is having a great time with Walker. Here are some pictures she sent us:

Lindsey Deaton stopped by with lunch for us and gifts for Luke. Thanks so much!

Another good night for Luke

Luke had a good night - I slept pretty good, so he didn't get very loud or too upset. The doctors and everyone else following him have just made their rounds and are pleased with how he is looking and sounding. Yesterday Luke started getting some continuous Pediasure through his feeding tube and today he will do the same but mixed with a few more calories.

His oxygen is at 8 liters and 40% - the weaning is going very slowly. No one's thinking about discharge anytime soon - today we are just continuing along and praying the positive progress continues.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Visitors welcome

Forgot to mention that we would love visitors. Luke should be here at least through the weekend, and familiar faces are definitely welcome!

We are at Childrens Hospital and visiting hours are 9am-9pm. We are on the 3rd floor, just up the red elevators at the front of the hospital. Luke is in Unit 3C room 4.

Luke's feeding tube

Better night for Luke

Luke had a better night last night. He was able to sleep a lot better and stretched his breathing treatments out to 3-4 hours instead of every 2 hours. He is still on a lot of oxygen (12 liters at 40%), but they will try to wean him lower today.

The doctor was happy with how Luke is acting this morning, but his oxygen needs to be much lower before he can start eating. Rachel is concerned because he has lost a pound these past two days - it took a LONG time to gain that pound. Luke was given a TPT feeding tube and they may try some small feeds today just to get something into his stomach.

Looks like it may still be a few days before going home, but he is definitely going in the right direction. Thanks for your continued prayers and for the family and friends that have been taking care of Jack while Rachel and I split our time at the hospital and sleeping at home.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Luke is feeling a little better....

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Update on Luke

I went home this morning to get some sleep. Rachel has been with Luke all day, so I'll have her post a quick update -

Luke was having a rough morning so the doctors increased his oxygen to 12 liters. He had another breathing treatment and then FINALLY started getting some good rest. His breathing has gotten better slowly as the day has gone on. He is still on 12 liters of oxygen and they probably won't mess with that until tomorrow. He slept the majority of the day and around 5 he sat up and played. He only lasted about 20 minutes and then took another good nap. He is still is getting breathing treatments every 2 hours and not getting to eat. Thanks for all the prayers because they have been working! Keep praying and we really appreciate it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rough day for Luke

Luke has had a very rough day in the hospital. Runny noses and congestion led to ear infections for the boys. Jack seems to be recovering fine, but Luke's runny nose has continued and last night he began coughing and gagging on the drainage so much that he could not sleep at all. We have a hospital-grade suction machine at home and have been using it almost hourly on Luke, so when he still had not fallen asleep at 2am, we were out of options.

Since being admitted this morning, Luke has been on oxygen and is having breathing treatments (albuterol and vapor) every 2-3 hours. Even with that, the coughing and restlessness continued. He has not kept any liquids down for 24 hours now, and has an IV for fluids. Around 6pm we moved from a normal/general unit to the intermediate care unit, where the respiratory therapists can watch him closer and give him the extra attention that he needs right now.

The amount of oxygen Luke is being given has increased throughout the day, and it was around 8pm before things started to stabilize. The doctor and therapists still don't like the way his lungs sound, but after his 8pm treatment, Luke was able to sleep for over an hour for the first time in over a day (and I feel so much better after just a little bit of sleep)!

We just finished another breathing treatment, and I think Luke was upset about being woken up. He has loved getting his treatments, but this time he screamed, kicked, arched his back and was so wild that he loosened his IV and had to have it reset. He is resting well now and will continue to be watched closely every 2 hours. Thanks for all the prayers. We will update again tomorrow as things progress.

Luke is just getting settled

Rachel and Luke arrived at the hospital around 3am this morning. We were trying to get through the night and see our pediatrician today, but Luke could not sleep at all last night. By 2am Rachel was really worried and we started to pack his things up. He spent three days in the hospital with pnemonia this spring, so we know the drill.

Luke is on oxygen (not too much - just 1 liter) and getting checked by respiratory therapists every 4 hours. He is still working extra to breathe, and the constant runny nose just makes it harder.

Pray for rest for Luke and for us. Thanks so much to Mimi (Rachel's mom) for leaving work and watching Jack today. I'll update again tomorrow morning.

Back to the hospital

Rachel and Luke are on their way to the hospital. Jack and Luke both had ear infections on Friday (Jack one ear, Luke both ears) and have had really runny noses for almost two weeks. Jack is doing a lot better, but Luke has been worse as the day progressed - constant coughing and getting choked up on all the drainage. We had a call in to our pediatrician's nurse to get an appointment ASAP today (Wednesday), but Luke was never able to stop coughing, relax and go to sleep. The ER is pretty full tonight and we really wanted him to make it until we could see our doctor, but that didn't happen. Pray that Luke doesn't have to stay long tonight/this morning and that he recovers soon.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Luke Laughing At His Friend

Luke loves to laugh. He doesn't do it too much, but especially loves being around other babies. The boys' friend Walker spent the day with us and Luke loved trying to get his attention. Here is the video:

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quick update on the boys' weights

Mom always reminds me to post updates on the boys' weights. I never think about it - being with them every day, the little changes are hard to see. Rachel will see something new and gets disappointed because I'm not as excited (since I've already seen it - sometimes for a few days already).

We weighed them on their birthday and here are the numbers:
Jack is right at 19 pounds
Luke is 11 pounds, 7 ounces

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Boys' First Birthday

It was a busy week last week! The Barnes grandparents were here for the week and the boys' first birthday was Thursday. We're just starting to look through all of the pictures - here are a few.

Luke playing and watching for his brother

When one starts playing, the other races to join in

Tuesday we went to baby story time at the library

Wednesday we went to a Star Wars party to celebrate the season premiere of The Clone Wars animated series on Cartoon Network

Wednesday night they opened their first presents - squishy, squeaky blocks and a helicopter