Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Luke's liver....

We had Luke's labs drawn and the liver enzymes were still elevated. Not worse but not better. We are going to have the liver biopsy done on March 8th at (around) 8:30. We were told that we would spend the majority of the day at ACH being monitored and should go home late afternoon. It will take several weeks before any results will be back.

Our prayer is two fold...we want healing but we want answers too. We are praying that the biopsy reaveals a diagnosis and then with that information he can be healed by God through the physicians. It had always been a struggle to WANT something to be found wrong with your child but scared at the same time of what could be.

Thanks for the prayers! We appreciate all the support and everyone that is standing in the gap for us and as always thanks to our prayer warriors who pray even when we don't ask!


Valentine's Day

I am not a crafty person. I wish and dream of being the kind of person that can make an elegant amazingly beautiful chandelier from macaroni noodles but if I tried it would turn into a disaster ending up in the trash. And then Ken would be mad at me for spending money on items that ended up in the trash AND for wasting noodles!

Enter Pinterest.....I have tons of stuff pinned but I doubt I will even do a 1/3 of the items I have pinned. I have done 2 crafty items and several recipes. The crafts turned out well but the recipes are about 50/50 right now. Tonight I worked on the boys Valentine's day gift to their teachers and therapist. I am pretty proud of how it turned out! It will be filled with Hershey kisses and other candies. It was easier (and cheaper) to have a community gift than try to remember everyone and get each person an individual gift. (Christmas they all got their own gifts)

Here is my project.....

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blog Name....

Ken and I have been playing with the idea of doing our own web page but can never think of a name. We want to do it on several things--Tube Feeding products and ideas, Cooking for Rachel (trying recipes both gluten free and not), and Ken would be a blog about sports, baby shopping deals, and multiple other items. We want to know what you thing we should name the blog (the web address would be). We don't want our name in the address but it can be something about twins, stay at home dad, working mommy--basically anything but our name! The site would be totally separate of this site and updates on Luke and our family would still come here.
So...What do you think?

Make a comment to the post, Facebook message a name, text us (if you have our number), or email us.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Feeding Tube Awareness week....

Jack and Luke are about halfway through. The picture below is the one we used. I love my tubie and very proud to be his mommy!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pray For Luke Tomorrow

Luke has had a runny nose and deep cough for almost two weeks and we've been using his oxygen at night. It surprised us that he stayed the same without getting really sick - normally if he doesn't improve after a couple of days, Luke gets really bad really fast.  He has been much better the last two days, so tomorrow (Friday) we will try to get his labwork done after school.

The GI doctor wants one more check of his liver function before we decide to do a liver biopsy or not.  Please pray for Luke tomorrow - especially around 4:30pm when we're at the hospital.