Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More pictures

Last week we worked on the letters for Jack and Luke. The colored circles are from medicine bottles at the hospital, and Rachel has been collecting them for a long time and wanted to use them for letters above their cribs.

Almost finished...

Last week we took Jack and Luke on a walk around the neighborhood. We bundled them up and had a good time enjoying the break between winter weather.

Luke still has to sleep elevated on his wedge, but we put them together in Jack's crib for a little while

They had fun for a few minutes before bedtime

Luke is happy and Jack is watching a Baby Einstein video on the computer. Rachel gave it a try and Jack is already very interested in the music and colors!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Jack telling Luke a story during the boys together time!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Church online

Just wanted to let everyone know that this weekend our church is launching their online campus. If you are snowed in, sick or unable to get to church, here is a way to experience God wherever you may be.

New Life Church

Internet Campus Launch from New Life Church on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lots Of Snow

Here in Arkansas we are lucky to get snow/sleet/ice once or twice a year. Our first event was a week-and-a-half ago and was sleet and ice with just a little snow. We are supposed to get some snow later in the week, but it was a big surprise when we saw lots of snow early Monday morning! It snowed most of the day and into the night. Schools and most businesses were closed yesterday and today. Rachel had to work today and was picked up by some coworkers.

Luke is doing a little better - he went a day-and-a-half between throwing up and when he did today is was a lot less than usual. He is still gaining weight - Rachel weighed him yesterday and he is up to 6.1 pounds!

Here are some pictures:

One view of our backyard

Another view

We have a small "Christmas" tree in our back yard - looks like it might not survive this weather...

We did not take the boys outside, but Rachel had Jack try on one of his "snow suits" - still way too big, so maybe it will fit him next year

To help Luke's reflux, he has to sleep on a wedge at night and for an hour after each feeding

Video - Jack's sleep sacks are still pretty big on him and his new thing is kicking his legs up when he does not want to go to sleep.

Video - Jack surprised Rachel yesterday by rolling over during his morning playtime in the jungle

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Luke continues with his reflux issues and is spitting/throwing up around once a day. We had a house call this morning from one of the boys' advanced practice nurses from the hospital. She lives close to us and gave us her address and phone numbers when Jack came home. I called last night with some questions and she wanted to see him this morning and listen to his chest. Luke looks and sounds fine - as long as he continues to gain weight, it is just something we have to put up with until he outgrows it.

OK - I'm back. Had to take a break because he just threw up again...

Here are some pictures. Luke and Jack say GO SAINTS!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Quick request

Please pray for Luke. He is having some feeding issues and throwing up almost every day. We have increased his reflux meds and done some other things to help but he is still having issues. He is still gaining weight but I am just worried that we will have to go back to the hospital if he keeps this up. I am sure there are some other things we can try before going back to the hospital but the nurse in me gets carried away!! Pray that his reflux is healed and he doesn't throw up anymore. I guess pray for me that I don't stress too much.

Jack weighs 10lbs 2oz and Luke is 5lbs 12oz!!

More to update later!!