Sunday, July 8, 2012

Past 2 weekends...

Luke has been showing more interest in food! Last weekend he ate 4 cherries and 2-3 animal cookies. This weekend he ate pop corn and animal cookies! And at school he ate mini marshmellows and cookies for his therapists. This is amazing for Luke. We also did a trial of feeding milk into his tummy and he did great. He got three 2-3.5oz feeds on Saturday and didn't throw anything up! He was so excited to get "milkies in his tummy". One time I asked him if he needed some milkies to go into his tummy and he screamed yes! He then ran and jumped on the couch and pulled up his shirt for me. I love that he is doing so good. Today we pushed his first feed up to 4oz and he wasn't able to keep it down...lesson learned! I have his backpack on and have his pump to give him 2 oz every 1 1/2 hours. So far so good! We have a GI appointment at the end of the month to discuss medications to help Luke out if needed. We are hoping to do all day feeds into his belly and to do night feeds past his stomach.

The boys have really taken off with the potty training! Every morning the past 4-5 days the boys wake up asking to go to the potty and major accomplishment is they are pooping several times a day on the potty! Sorry for poop talk but they get so excited about it.

One of Luke's teachers told us this story that still makes us giggle: a new prospective mom and child were touring the school and went into Luke's class since the child will be in there next month. Luke ran up to them yelling (with his fists thrown up in the air) "I pooped in the potty!!" He then grabbed the mom's leg and hugged it while still yelling about the potty. The mom laughed and gave him a high five!....Thankfully she understood and gave home the encouragement he was looking for.

Friday night we went to a birthday bash for the opening of the I Can! Arts Center. It was fun and the weather turned out great as a storm was coming in and cooled it off and had good cool winds. Here are some recent pictures: