Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The boys professional pictures

Gretchen Davis came Saturday morning and did the boys pictures. Jack HATED the outdoor pictures and both boys were super serious and didn't want to smile much. I love that Gretchen used natural lighting and not many props. We enjoyed our time and I think the preview pictures are amazing--especially since Luke ended up in the hospital later that day!

Long week.....

It has been a loooong week! Last Monday the boys were super cranky. Ken was home by himself and ended up taking the boys for a car ride just for some quiet time. Tuesday Jack was coughing and wheezing. Jack went to the doctor and got tested for RSV and whooping cough--both came back negative and Dr. O started him on antibiotics and an inhaler. Tuesday Luke started feeling bad--coughing and wheezing so they called in the same prescriptions for him. Luke was not eating as well as he had been but still eating about half his bottles. Late Wednesday night Luke woke up screaming and he was hot. I thought he was just over swaddled so I uncovered him and he slept with Ken for a couple hours. About 3 or 4 he woke up screaming again and was still hot so I checked his temp and it was 102.3. I gave him some Motrin and we called the nurse on call. She assured us it was okay and we just need to watch him. We also canceled the boys pictures that were scheduled for the morning. Thursday he was not feeling good and wheezing and coughing but the inhaler helped. Friday I stayed home because he didn't sleep at all and we were all tired. He was still running fevers off and on but as the day progressed he acted like he felt better. Saturday morning he didn't eat very well and threw up everything that he did eat. We had their pictures done and they went down for a nap. Luke woke up crying and running a fever and wheezing. He tried to eat but threw up everything. He just wasn't acting right and the inhaler didn't work so we decided to take him to the emergency room. When they tested his oxygen level it was only 88%. They did lab work, chest x-ray, and gave him some IV fluids since he was dehydrated. The x-ray showed pneumonia--so that and everything else bought him a ticket into the hospital! He was admitted Saturday night and went home Monday afternoon. He is still on oxygen and needs suctioning frequently and fussy but he is eating better and gives us sweet smiles more every day!

Luke was scheduled to have surgery tomorrow (Wednesday) but since he was sick with pneumonia they told us that he has to wait 4-6 weeks after his antibiotics are done. Right now he is rescheduled for June 9th. Pray that he continues to get better and doesn't get sick again and can have his surgery.

Jack is much better and enjoyed his stay with him MiMi and PopPop while Luke was in the hospital. We are very grateful to have family close by that can help when we need them. Thanks mom and dad!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

First Easter Egg Hunt

We arrived at the park and found Karl and Eli

There were three sections for different age groups - this was part of the 0-3 year old's area

Rachel helped Luke grab an egg while Grandma Barnes held his bucket

Jack just didn't understand what it was or what to do with it

Jack and Luke didn't last very long but were able to see lots of people

Before we left, the boys snuggled up to get a picture together

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend

Jack and Luke were so happy to get extra attention from their grandma and grandpa Barnes. Mom has not seen the boys since Luke's first week home and Dad has not been here since the holidays when Luke was still in the hospital. They had lots of time to hold, feed and play with the boys.

We went to church on Friday night (our church had four Easter services from Friday - Sunday) and the boys did great listening to the music and listening to Pastor Rick. Saturday morning the boys had their first Easter egg hunt at our city park with a few hundred other parents and kids from church. We went because daddy wanted candy, but Jack and Luke got some good practice and will be ready to try it on their own next year.

Easter Sunday was spent with family and friends at the Elms' house.

Jack was happy to have the extra attention

Luke still sleeps on his wedge and has to be on it or held upright for an hour after he eats

Waiting for grandpa to take a picture before getting out to go into church

All dressed up in their Easter outfits

Pop Pop and Mimi (that's what Rachel calls her parents) with Luke