Thursday, February 10, 2011

Playing in the snow

The boys have kept us very busy these last two months. This is the first week since the beginning of December that all four of us have been healthy and feeling well. Luke is doing well with his feeding tube. Less than a week after we started his night feeds, he was sick for a whole week and would not eat or keep anything down. Now we've started things back and he's adjusting to eating during the day and getting his extra two-bottles-worth of formula overnight while he sleeps.

My parents are here visiting for the week and were looking forward to sunny days and the chance to take the boys outside. Instead, they have seen the most snow that I've seen since coming to Arkansas eight years ago. We had six inches of snow in the Little Rock area yesterday, but once it stopped, we bundled up the boys and headed outside.

Rachel has to work yesterday, today and tomorrow. Instead of trying to come home and make it back each day, she stayed at a hotel a few exits down the interstate from the hospital. Today the sun is out and should start to melt what's on the roads before refreezing tonight. Here are some pictures and videos from the last few days.

The boys love standing up and looking out the back door

Jack is getting tall and reaching for anything he can

They love playing with their train

At the back door watching Lily in the snow

No sled, but a laundry basket fit them perfectly

Riding through the street

Luke on his snowy slide

Jack doesn't like being down in the snow

Video of Jack and Luke riding in the snow

Video of eating with Grandma