Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some more videos of the boys

Here are two more videos of the boys. More pictures and updates are planned for next week. The Barnes grandparents will be back this afternoon and stay until Sunday. The city pool opens this weekend and we plan to take the boys for their first swim on Saturday.

Jack laying on the floor (video):

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Luke and Jack (video):

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Video of baby dedication

Saturday night was baby dedication at church. They have one every few months, and the last one was right before Luke was finished with his oxygen and pulse/ox monitor. This was a very small dedication with a total of five babies (sometimes there can be 15-20 or more). The timing was one week off, since the Barnes grandparents were here the weekend before and will be back to visit this weekend finishing up their trip out west.

Here is a video of us with the Elms grandparents and surrounded by our pastors:

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Raising Support!

I want to start out by saying that I normally don't send out massive links/letters for financial support. I will pass along prayer requests anytime but raising money is different. Ken and I have decided that we both feel pressed to help this family.

Jodie and Jesse have touched our lives with their ability to turn a tragedy into something meaningful. There are many days that I read what they are doing to remember the life of their baby boy and I just cry because I am so touched and amazed. Ken and I almost lost Luke several times and I am sure that we would not have handled it with as much grace, strength, and inspiration as Jodie and Jesse. Many times I read the words that are written and think "this could have been our heartbreak very easily. One single moment and a turn for the worse and we could have been writing how we lost Luke."

The reason that I am writing this letter is because we want to help them get to Las Vegas! I know what you are thinking- Las Vegas, why would they need a fund raiser to go to Vegas! Their son's medical case was going to be presented in Nashville, TN in June at the Opryland Hotel. The flooding has changed those plans and it is now going to be in Vegas. Jodie and James were going to go to Nashville since it would be easy to drive but now they are not able to go due to limited income! (Ken and I understand because we too are a one-income family!). The AWHONN Conference is scheduled for the last weekend of September and they will present Eli's case and use his story to educate others.

Jodie, Jesse, and Walker (Eli's twin brother) could use this trip as a much needed vacation but also get to see their son's short life being used for a purpose. In one of Jodie's blogs she wrote:

We accepted Eli for what we 'thought' was to come. But even when it wasn't what we were told, we accepted that he was created for a reason. And one of the last things I told Eli as I held him in my arms was to 'come back to me', meaning I wanted to know he was alive in that other baby (they did ARORA). I wanted to know he was serving his purpose.

Jodie and Jesse have done many things to make Eli's short life have a purpose including:
1. Donating to ARORA
2. Team Eli- To educate Spina Bifida Awareness & Organ Donation
3. Project E.L.I. Documentary to be released Summer 2010.
4. Eli's Garden of Hope & Dreams-- for I CAN! Dance Arts & Resource Center
5. did an interview with KARK
and much more.........

Any amount would be appreciated. We hope to raise enough to be able to purchase plane tickets and hotel rooms for them. I would love to have it all together by the end of July. Pray about it and see where God leads you!

Rachel and Ken Barnes

Here are the links to read about their story:!/note.php?note_id=102012769842079

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What I deal with most afternoons...

The Barnes grandparents will be here today and tomorrow on their way out west to the Grand Canyon. The boys are ready to see them again, and I am ready for them to get the extra attention so I get a little break. Jack and Luke did not want to nap at all today and were in terrible moods the rest of the afternoon.

Here is a look at how they are most days between around 4pm and bedtime (usually 7pm)...

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Online photo album

We received all of the pictures from the boys' photo session and love how they turned out!  I won't take the time to post every picture here, but you can see all of the pictures in our Kodak gallery.

Click here to see the pictures and let us know what you think!

The boys have kept us very busy - as they grow and do more, the schedule and routine gets more complicated.  With two of them, there is always something to do.  As soon as one gets happy and quiet, the other needs something...  We keep the cameras out and try to capture new things as they happen.  Stay tuned as we will add pictures and updates in the next few days.