Friday, April 29, 2011

I know, I know.......

Long time but we have been busy. Jack is running around and Luke is very close to walking too. We can't really take our eyes off of them since Luke is a monkey and climbs with lightning speed and Jack is right behind him! Here are a couple pictures from our cruise in March:

Jack started walking on this vacation. He saw his cousins running around and decided to follow them. He hasn't stopped since! Playing at the beach with the cousins:

Luke getting a breathing treatment. Both boys had a cold and needed lots of TLC!

We went on a cruise for my parents' 30th wedding anniversary. It was us, my parents, and both my brothers families. We had a great time.

So a quick update on the boys:

Luke: He is weighing in at a steady 14lbs. We are still having issues getting him to grow and changing his formulas and additives around. We are getting close to having to do daytime feeds through his feeding tube. Right now we are only doing nighttime feeds. Luke has 7 teeth--5 of them in the last month! He is starting to pick up more words and jabber more. He is getting close to walking. He will hold one finger and walk all around. He still won't eat anything that isn't baby food consistency BUT he does like to chew on pickles. He loves Sesame Street and will sit super still for long periods of time--which is a miracle with him! He likes to climb and is fast and agile like a monkey! One second he in playing on the floor and next thing we know he is in his toy bin standing on the edge of it trying to get to the TV. He still loves to cuddle, wrap his fingers in my hair, and give kisses out without having to be asked.

Jack: He is about 21lbs. He will eat everything put in front of him. He signs and talks all the time. His 2 favorite words right now are "outside" and "bath". He is walking around and likes to be chased. Jack has 8-9 teeth and one BIG molar. His second molar is working its way through. Jack likes Sesame Street too especially Elmo. Jack doesn't climb as much at Luke but gets mad when Luke goes places that Jack can't get into. Jack is starting to be more of a cuddler especially when he is tired. Jack isn't as free with his kisses and usually only gives them away if he is asked--and if he feels like it.

They are so much fun and I love seeing them grow and learn new things everyday. I pray that we are raising them in a Godly home and will raise them to be strong men of faith!