Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Videos Of The Boys

Only have time for a quick update, but wanted to share some videos. They are from last month, but will give a look at how much they've changed (especially for those who don't see them often). Here they are:

Jack asking for a banana

The boys playing

The boys playing on the floor

Boys pushing their toys around

Luke playing on the train

Luke playing with his backpack on

Monday, June 20, 2011


I think a monthly update is how it is going to go right now! Luke is doing great. He is getting all his feeds through his feeding tube. He wears his backpack all day and it hasn't slowed him down. He is still getting feeds at night too. The last week he has been interested is a sippy cup again and 3 days took all his day feeds by mouth. We also have taken him off his night time oxygen and he has done great. This week he didn't gain as much weight as he has been so we are going to go back to all tube feeds and just let him drink a sippy as bonus formula. If his weight gain continues to slow down then we will put him back on oxygen at night. He is talking more and is walking a little bit. If he has a point to go to he will walk there but he still won't just take off and walk. Luke does things in his own times so I am sure one day soon he will take off and never slow down! Jack is picking up more and more words everyday. Just today Jack brought us a book and let us read the whole book to him--twice! My boys are getting so big and are not babies anymore. It makes me sad but I love seeing them learn new things.

Here is a picture of them last summer:

On April 29th we blogged that Luke was a steady 14lbs for the past couple months. He is now 17lbs and 3oz!! Here is a picture from our cruise in March and one I took today. He is getting chubby cheeks and thick legs!

Lily giving Luke kisses!

Sunscreen hair Jack:

Brothers kissing. I have worked hard to get them to love each other instead of fighting. Sometimes it works!