Saturday, March 31, 2012

I say....

Jack hasn't been feeling well and I am pretty sure he has another ear infection. We see ENT on Thursday and will be scheduling him to get tubes as soon as possible. Today his stomach is upset and didn't keep his lunch down. A couple hours later he had kept down some pedialyte and saltines. I was eating my snack and Jack kept asking for a bite. I didn't want to give him any because it was seasoned and cheesy so I didn't want it to upset his stomach. He kept begging and being pitiful so I gave him "one bite" which was really 3. I then told him no more and this is our conversation:
R: no more JJ (several times)
JJ: please. More. Please. Bite. (As he is furiously sighing please)
R: no JJ. Mommy said no. I don't want your tummy to get upset.
JJ: please.  More. Please. Bite.
R: What did mommy say? Mommy said no.
JJ: (real quite) mommy say no. I say more.....

Jack is getting sassy and too smart!
Love my 2 year olds more every day!

Monday, March 19, 2012


But not necessarily quick. Dr. F (GI DR) called us a couple days ago and the results are in. Luke has unspecified hepatitis which means there is no known reason for his elevated liver labs. The good thing is the biopsy showed no inflammation, scarring, or disease! In most kids with unspecified hepatitis, the liver fixes itself but it can take a long time. Dr. F was happy with the results and said all we will have to do is follow Luke's labs every couple months. This result is such a Luke diagnosis! Something is off and we run all kind of tests just to tell us there isn't anything wrong or it is something that will resolve over time. Patience is not my strong suit but Luke has truly taught me many lessons...all the way back to waiting just to get pregnant. Happy with diagnosis and happy to wait for resolution since there isn't any damage.

Thanks for the prayers. Hopefully this is the last major test Luke will have for many years.

Jack really needs tubes in his ears and we are hoping to get him schedule for surgery as soon as possible after his ENT appointment in April. Jack has his 7th ear infection in 7 months and this one was pretty bad per the doctor. He is finally feeling better and back to his sweet-ish (as sweet as a 2yr old pushing limits can be) self.

School pictures were today and I am hoping they were still enough to get a good shot. Will post pictures soon.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Music men...

We have been playing music videos in the mornings for the boys as Ken and I are drinking our coffee. One morning we were talking to the boys and I said "Cool boys sing, play the guitar and play the piano." Luke immediately went and grabbed the guitar out of the toy bin. Every morning since he has danced and played guitar. Jack and Luke trade between the guitar and the piano but by far Luke's favorite is the guitar!

Luke is doing great. Nothing really slows this boy down and he is one tough cookie! Friday he was supposed to take it easy so that he didn't bump his biopsy spot and cause bleeding to happen. Well he was all over the place jumping and running. He got really fussy before naptime so he got some pain meds...for a little pain and to help calm him down! That is the only time he has required anything.

Jack is great. He is moving up to the next class at preschool....not because he is necessarily ready but because the boys need to be separated! The jealousy and two year old attitude has really flared up in the last 2-3 weeks. We picked the boys up from school on Wednesday and asked how the boys did. Their teacher got an expression on her face that we both immediately knew....bad. we have had that expression many times. It is the frustrated and not knowing what to do with the boys behavior look. That night we talked about asking if they could be separated. It was nothing Ken and I had even really thought about before. We just thought they would be okay together. The more we talked about it and to other people we realized that they really need to be apart. I would be tired of spending 24 hours with the same person 7 days a week! Jack starts his new class on Monday and we are hoping to see an improvement in their behavior soon. Jack is going to see ENT next month as he constantly has had ear infections. Hopefully he can get tubes and feel better too. He just finished a round of antibiotics 2 weeks ago and I think he already has another infection. Luke has an appointment next week with ENT and we are hoping they can squeeze Jack in so we don't have to wait until the end of April for Jack to be seen.

Enjoy the videos!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Liver Biopsy done...

Quick post. It is amazing how just sitting around a hospital all day can make you so tired!

Luke did very well. He is home and resting good right now. We haven't had to give any pain meds but we have them if needed. He will have to stay home from school tomorrow and take it easy the next couple days.

The doctor said that with every test they want to run on his liver they had to take about 5 pieces..several more than they normally take. It will take several weeks to get results.

Thanks for the prayers and support. Hopefully this will be the last procedure he will have for a long time. We are praying for answers and a quick easy fix!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Prayers for Luke on Thursday

Just a reminder that Luke will have his liver biopsy Thursday morning at AR Children's Hospital.  The procedure should be quick, but he will probably spend most of the day at the hospital before being cleared to go home.  Please pray for a quick and easy recovery and that the results will give us some answers.