Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New baby items

I have been watching Craigslist for a number of items--especially baby items. Friday I saw a listing for 2 infant car seats. We went and looked at them and bought them!! The owner has twin boys who spent a month or two in NICU because she delivered at 31 weeks. It was then RSV season and she kept them home. RSV can be a very serious respiratory infection for children--even more dangerous for preemies. So the car seats had only been used for a couple months and look brand new. She gave us 2 head supporters for free--they match the green in the seat. So we got 2 car seats for about the price of one. Here is two pictures. They have wet spots on them because it was raining.

When we are at Walmart today, we were wondering by the baby section and they had some cute baby clothes. They actually had preemie clothes so we got two outfits. Hopefully we won't need them but chances are, even if the boys are full term, they will still be small. Also while we were at Walmart, the fire alarm kept going off every 5-10 minutes for a couple seconds. The babies weren't moving much but I got startled several times. Soon the boys were wiggling around lots. This past week I have started feeling them a whole lot more--especially at night. Ken is ready to be feeling them too!

Another real quick story: When we were at the specialist office and he was doing the ultrasound, the babies were moving around a whole lot. Dr. C was down low looking at the babies and then moved the ultrasound wand up my belly. As soon as he moved the wand from my lower belly, one of the babies kicked that spot--HARD! I am sure if Ken's hand had been there, he would have felt it! The twins did not like being squashed during the ultrasound.

21 weeks and identical twin boys!

Last week we had our 20 week ultrasound with Dr. Wyatt. Everyone knows that Ken and I really wanted girls---REALLY BAD! We were excited about finding out what the babies were so we could start planning the room, picking out names, and registering for baby stuff. My mom, dad, Ken and Robyn were all there for the ultrasound. Baby A was at first a girl. The baby never got into a great position. Everything looked good on Baby A. No defects were seen and it measured right to date. Baby B looked good too and was wide open to show his little boy parts! We were excited but that made me nervous because we still didn't know what baby A really was. Baby B was measuring 2 1/2 weeks behind Baby A--length and weight. They looked at Baby A again and said that it was a boy too. I was disappointed and in denial that Baby A was a boy. Dr. Wyatt wanted to send me to a specialist to look at the twins since there was such a big size difference. I saw him yesterday. He looked at both babies, did their measurements (2 times for each) , and told us that the twins were identical boys! He said that yes, there was a size difference but they were both fine and that he did not think it was twin to twin transfusion syndrome. The boys were both active, had no defects, fluid in both of their bladder (apparently a really good thing), and good strong healthy hearts. He wants me to come back in 4 weeks to check the growth and also at that time he will do some doppler blood flow studies from the placenta and umbilical cords.

So after the doctors appointment with the specialist, Ken and I went to lunch at Chi's--chinese restaurant-- and then went to Babies R Us and registered for baby things. We didn't get much on the registry because we tired out but we will add more later. We setup our registry at Target too.

This is the screen with their weights and measurments on it. If any of there are too small, just click on it and they will get better.

This is Baby A. Face is on the right with hands on either side of his face.

Baby B's boy parts and the picture on the right is the umbilical cord blood flow.

This is the only shot of Baby A's boy parts. It is hard to see. I have a better picture from the specialist but it is on paper. I will have to get Ken to scan them and put them on the site!